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Shoutout to Prince JP and his hit record! We got so much hits and more. Classics from Wataflo, representing Guyana & Little Guyana to the fullest! On the Desi Pop/Gully Rap side we got major hits!


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New York City Mixing featuring raps from upcoming Desi artists. New music from Bunty Singh. Groovy Soca tunes and so much more. 

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New York City Mixing back again with gully rap from upcoming stars of South Asia. Also featuring dub music from across the Caribbean. Even throw in some throwback Bollywood classics. For added flavor, we got a mix of Soca. Stay tuned and keep it locked!

// #nycmixing


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Featuring music from Guyana's rising star, Aamir Khan. Desi Rap music from the heart of the gully. Throwback R&B and Hip Hop mix. // #nycmixing



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The best of Dancehall and Bollywood mixes. Latest in Soca tunes. 


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Desi Pop + Classic Bollywood + Chutney + R&B + Reggaeton = New York City Mixing

Mix up and blend that will keep you rocking all week long! Stay tuned for more!


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Desi Pop + R&B + Soca + Chutney // New York City Mixing. It's a new year with new mixes. Keep it locked, and stay tuned! We got more music and mixes coming up each and every podcast! The best of the Caribbean straight to your ears!


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Groovy Soca + Calypso + Dancehall + Desi Pop // New York City Mixing 

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Dancehall artists from all over the word // New York City Mixing

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Dancehall + Soca + Desi Pop + R&B + Afro Beat // New York City Mixing



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