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August 19, 2019

#islandboys // Varsity Squad // Wicked Chutney vs Soca Party MiX

Featuring the best in the music business from Machel Montano and Rikki Jai with Mor Tor Remix. Also Rakesh Yankarran with Mousie. Big hits from Motto, Skinny Fabulous, Ricky T, Destra and Raymond Ramnarine with Dil-E-Nadan. It’s a spectacular Chutney Soca road mix that will have you bouncing at the party all night long! Stream it, share it, love it!

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Mixcloud feed has also been updated with the latest mixes at

Made some minor tweaks to the Tumblr page, given that Automattic (owners of Wordpress) just purchased the social media platform from Verizon. Hopefully, they bring some cool enhancements and don’t do drastic changes.

This week Regal rolled out their Unlimited movie plan and Apple has a credit card, only time will tell if these items are excess or something we truly need.

Finally saw Hobbs & Shaw of the Fast and Furious franchise, it featured lots of cool cameos. Also had the McLaren and the Jeep Gladiator.

Korean BBQ is trending, but don’t overlook Chinese BBQ, hot and spicy with lots of flavors!

I’ve tried the Impossible Burger, now on to Beyond Meat 🤗.

Big up to everyone with Android smartphones, #nycmixing Podcast will now be listed on Goggle Play Music. #nycmixing // New York City Mixing, North America’s top-rated Caribbean sound!

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